Tips To Get Started In A Green Energy Career

Tips To Get Started In A Green Energy Career

As a corporate sustainability consultant at GreenOrder, the most common question I received was, “What type of graduate degree do I need to be a competitive candidate in this field?”

The first thing I'd say? “Slow down.” Setting yourself up for a successful career in sustainability is about more than the graduate degree you get. In fact, I think that taking time to try some things out first is critical in helping you choose the right grad program—and ultimately landing a job you love.

Whether you’re interested in green building design, sustainable apparel manufacturing, or the economics of climate change, here’s my three-step plan for setting yourself up on the right path for a green career.

Step 1: Don't Go to Grad School

That’s right: The first step in a successful sustainable career is to not go to grad school (at least not right away).