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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Where the Hot Green Jobs Are!
Green may be a cool color, but it's red-hot when it comes to the job market. The global green economy, already worth well over $1 trillion per year, is expected to double by 2020 to $2.7 trillion. This growth factor creates a healthy outlook for jobs as companies compete to meet the demand for sustainable products and services. Some high paying green jobs are traditional occupations with a sustainable twist, while other occupations were created by the new green economy. Power Farming The process of harvesting wind and solar power gives rise to a wide range of jobs. Engineers and ...
Hydropower Bill To Boost Development And Hiring
A House committee is advancing a bill from U.S. Rep. Steve Daines that would allow hydropower projects in more local irrigation districts. Daines said Wednesday that the measure cleared the House Natural Resources Committee. It is one of the measures advancing in Congress to lift restrictions on hydropower development in Bureau of Reclamation irrigation systems built by the government after 1939. CONTINUE READING AT NEWSOK.COM
Hydraulic Engineering Can Lead To A Green Career
Arturo Leon, assistant professor in the school of civil engineering and construction engineering at Oregon State University, says hydraulic engineering continues to evolve but the past is often not far behind. “Some of the developments are recent but we’re still using work that goes back a hundred years and just improving on some of it,” he says. “That’s part of what’s so fascinating,” says Leon, adding, “If you have a fear of water, this wouldn’t likely be for you. However, if you’re excited by what covers roughly 70% of the planet — and is both one of our greatest assets ...
Ways To Be Green At Work: Bring A Coffee Cup
Those searching for ways to be green at work can start by thinking black. Coffee consumption results in a considerable amount of office waste that can be easily remedied. The morning cup of coffee is a ritual for millions that borders on necessity, depending on who you talk to. Often the morning cup of coffee turns into the morning cups of coffee, with paper and Styrofoam cups getting one-time use before heading to the trash can. Bringing a reusable mug to the office might seem like a minor gesture, but as a report details , it can be one ...
Solar And Wind Offer Two Of The Best Jobs In Energy
The energy industry is one of the economy's more "recession proof" sectors, and careers therein are buzzing. Green technology's continued expanse means more opportunities in renewable energy jobs. Two such careers rank in the Best Jobs In Energy report for 2013. Solar photovoltaic installer and wind turbine technician are high-growth positions with promising potential. Find out more in the Best Jobs In Energy report .
Solar Farms In Space
With a few exceptions, sources of renewable energy tend to be inconveniently unreliable. Things like wind and wave energy are subject to the whims of weather, and even if you manage to find something that isn’t weather dependent (like tidal flow), you still can’t rely on a constant output of power. Strictly speaking, solar power is the worst: it's heavily weather dependent, and half the time, it doesn't work at all. (Even the moon gets in the way sometimes.) Some think the way to make solar power the backbone of a renewable energy economy is to avoid the problematic Earth ...
New Green Jobs and Where To Find Them
Green jobs have become the red hot topic of discussion recently among job seekers, thanks in part to the discussion raised during the Presidential campaign. A recent DBL Investors study found that the fastest per capita growth of green employment is in Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota, all three of which have shown green job growth in excess of 50% since 2003. New Mexico is hovering right at 50%. Energy has long been an economic staple in Alaska, so the Last Frontier’s involvement in renewable energy growth should come as no surprise. Sectors that account for the state’s green employment ...
New Plants In Louisiana Bring Green Jobs
A Denver-based company called Cool Planet Energy Systems plans three Louisiana projects that will create 72 new jobs. Cool Planet announced the plans Friday for bio-refineries in Alexandria, Natchitoches and a site still to be determined. The company plans to use harvest wood waste and forest byproducts to make gasoline. Cool Planet also will market a byproduct from its refining process that will be used as an agricultural supplement to boost water retention and carbon released from crops. The three Louisiana plants are expected to cost $168 million to construct and will create 72 jobs with an average salary of ...
California Produces Solar Power That Exceeds Demand
Solar energy could exceed California's current energy demand three to five times using equipment built on and around the state's existing infrastructure, claim researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science at in Stanford, Calif. They detailed their findings online March 16 in the journal Nature Climate Change. With a total area of more than 400,000 square kilometers, California has more land than 189 countries, including Germany. A little more than 8 percent of this land has already been developed by humans. The Stanford scientists explored how much opportunity this developed land presented for power generation via photovoltaic solar power and ...