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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Top 10 Green Job Trends You'll Find Surprising
If you are looking for a green job in today’s economy, there’s encouraging news. According to a recent report from the Brookings Institute and Battelle, job seekers looking for green jobs will not only find many opportunities, but higher pay as well. The study reports that job growth rates in the clean economy are trending higher than the national average, and most eco-friendly jobs are non-specialist, “green collar” positions that pay higher than the national median wage. Green jobs exist in all major U.S. metro areas and show surprising strength in regions like the South. Numerous opportunities are out there ...
Solar Storage Boom On The Horizon
Germany's pledge of €50 million in incentives is the latest indicator that industry's time has come. The program will apply to newly-installed PV facilities with storage and solar plants with storage systems installed after December 31, 2012. Subsidizing a storage system's energy capacity rather than its power capacity, as does California's Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), is a more logical approach, says Brian Warshay of Lux Research, because the solar shifting application requires more energy than power. Research firm NanoMarkets believes the growth of the solar storage market is driven by declining costs for PV modules and reductions in government ...
Renewable Energy Jobs Lead 2014 Electricity Employment
The electric power generation sector lost more than 5,800 jobs from January 2011 through June 2014 despite a gain of nearly 1,800 non-hydro renewable electricity generation jobs, according to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS data shown here only reflect jobs in electric power generation, not the jobs associated with electric transmission and distribution systems. Also, jobs involved in the construction of new facilities, processing or transportation of fuels, or behind-the-meter distributed generation installations and service (e.g., solar panel installers) are not counted by BLS as jobs in the electric power sector. Power sector ...
From Employee to Green Entrepreneur
Environmental issues are front and center of our lives in the 21 st century. Once people realize the impact of global warming and climate change on the planet, it’s a short step to wanting to actively do something about it. But if you can’t afford to spend your life working for change without payment, the ideal way to combine your passion with a way to earn a living is to find “green” jobs. As renewable energy takes off and becomes mainstream, more jobs are opening up, with great potential for a future career as a green entrepreneur. Here are some ...
Hydro In Connecticut On The Rise
Connecticut has rewritten its renewable energy policy to boost hydropower from Canada. The Senate approved legislation 26-6 on Tuesday, sending the measure to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy who has strongly endorsed it and will sign it into law. Environmentalists fought the measure, demanding that the state use the clout of its renewable energy portfolio to help promote locally generated solar and wind power. Connecticut's renewable energy portfolio, established in 1998, was intended to finance new and clean renewable power by guaranteeing markets. CONTINUE READING AT NEWSOK.COM
Solar Power Among Fastest Growing Sub-Sectors Of American Economy
The Solar Foundation (TSF), an independent nonprofit solar research and education organization, has released its fifth annual National Solar Jobs Census. The Census found that the U.S. solar industry employed 173,807 Americans in 2014, a figure that includes the addition of more than 31,000 solar jobs over the previous year, representing 21.8 percent growth in solar industry employment since November 2013. Solar employment grew nearly 20 times faster than the national average employment growth rate of 1.1 percent in the same period. "The solar industry has once again proven to be a powerful engine of economic growth and job creation," ...
High Paying Green Jobs
The green economy is a growing fast as companies discover that there's a financial and marketing benefit to improving the sustainability of their operations. And green jobs aren't all found in clean-tech companies, as many employers are trying to improve their environmental footprint. What you will find is that there is a rapidly growing demand for people with backgrounds in engineering, law and even the technical trades to support the construction of LEED certified buildings and install solar power and wind power generators, as well as other aspects of the growing green economy. Here are five new green opportunities that ...
Green Jobs For Veterans
While veterans as a whole have a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the nation, the 2.6 million troops who served in the years following 9/11 are having a much tougher time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), veterans 34 and under face a higher unemployment rate than civilians. The youngest (18-24 years of age) are unemployed at a rate of 20%, almost five percentage points higher than non-veterans of the same age group. When veterans come home they often expect to continue their jobs in the military, only to find they need additional training to meet national ...
Build A Green Resume
ou’ve created a resume packed with technical and specialized jargon and qualifications. You’ve reviewed it, polished it, and obtained feedback from a friend in the industry about what to include and what not to include. You’ve updated its format and made one suitable for online posting (without your personal address at the top, using arial or calibri font, and with minimal text formatting). Now what? Use a combination of both online and in-person methods to promote your resume to locate a green technology job. Searching Online You can search online to locate green technology job opportunities, information about companies that ...