On January 1, 2013, Congress passed legislation that included the long-sought extension of wind energy tax credits in a bill to avert the "fiscal cliff" that now moves to President Obama for his expected signature.

The extension of the production tax credit (PTC) and Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is expected to save up to 37,000 jobs and create far more ...


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Autotrophic, if not automatic, for the people.

Phillips 66 hopes it can usher in a new generation of fuels by working with Sapphire Energy Inc. to convert algae into "green" crude oil, the Houston-based refining and research giant announced Tuesday. The work may take several years to complete.

The agreement between Phillips 66 and Sapphire is designed to take production ...


A group of researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, led by Stanford’s Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi, says that the United States can get 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources, using existing technologies, by 2050. And they lay out a state-by-state plan for doing so. Jacobson and Delucchi had previously calculated that the world ...


A private developer aiming to build a multistate wind power backbone off the Atlantic Coast has selected New Jersey as the first phase of construction in its offshore underwater transmission line, a representative for the company confirmed.

Work on the New Jersey Energy Link transmission line would begin in 2016, the first of three phases, said a representative for the ...


California school districts can apply for part of $65 million that is available to those that wish to plan energy-efficiency projects under the California Clean Energy Jobs Act.

The $65 million in available marks the second round of funding under the 2012 voter-approved initiative to create clean jobs and reduce school operating costs. The first round of funding totaled $105 ...


One of the world’s most recognizable historical landmarks now has a visible symbol to signify its decidedly progressive view of the future. As part of a five-year, $38-million renovation that included a goal of reducing its ecological footprint, the Eiffel Tower has installed wind turbines 400 feet above ground to power the commercial areas of the tower’s first floor.

Solar ...


Forget the environment. Is the renewable energy industry delivering on its promise to create jobs? Yes, according to a report by the World Resources Institute (WRI), in Washington, D.C. The WRI examined the solar photovoltaic and wind industries in countries that are leaders in renewables.

The message is clear, says one of the report’s coauthors, Priya Barua: Comprehensive, targeted policies ...


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